How to make the fact that I am the awkward 7th wheel, less awkward and how to make the situation better?

Hello, I am currently a freshmen in college, and I have made some great friends while being in college andlove them to death. The only problem is that one of them has a very serious boyfriends, another just started dating a guy she met before coming to college and they have been hanging out a lot the whole semester, and the other met a guy at a party and they are now "dating". Don't get me wrong I like going out with them a lot, it's just awkward when they all bring their boyfriends and I am just kinda stuck there by myself becuase I don't have a boyfriend. I have met some guys, but none that I would consider dating. How can I make the situation less awkward for myself and honestly make myself feel better about theh whole situation. It's not as fun going to parties with them becuase all they do is hang out with their boyfriends and I'm just like yeah I'd like to go talk to guys, but I feel awkward because I am the only one that would be looking for a guy so it's weird. I honestly feel like shit everytime I come back from a party because I don't have a boyfriend coming back with me to my room and I just feel kinda out of the loop. Help me please, how can I make the situation better, and/or how can I find a boyfriendd? Haha kinda an out there question.


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  • Who have boyfriends/girlfriends in college?

    • Kinda of what I thought until, it happened... I wouldn't want a boyfriend, it's funner to not have one.

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    • Haha fuck no, I can't stand the sorority life style.

    • Hmm yea you can, you just gotta know how to walk out of house with anyone knowing you are walking out

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