Guys, how can I ask if he's interested?

Do guys get scared when a girl is blunt and just straight out asks if he likes her or is interested in her? I'm getting mixed signals from a guy and just want to know. I feel if he wasn't interested he wouldn't text me back at all... is that right/wrong? How can I ask him?


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  • I'm in the same boat as you, but regarding a woman im quite keen on atm.
    However, with me, I've texted her out for a coffee or lunch to which she hasn't responded to yet and its been nearly 24hrs.. is this how women are too?

    • If it were me, and I was not interested, I would let the other person know I wasn't. 24 hours is a while to not respond to a text.

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    • Nope you won't get a detailed answer from your question as compared to asking face to face where he cannot avoid it and you'll be able to tell his body language when answering

    • This should be interesting then because I feel like I will choke before I ask the question.

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