I dont know what to do?

So I've been seeing this guy we have gone on 7 dates and we had sex three times and he says he's interested in me but he still calls me his lady friend does that mean I'll still have to wait a little longer until he claims me his because I'm really scared that he'll reject me like all the guys I've met before
So his dad told him he can't see me anymore and that we can't be more than friends it broke my heart knowing this


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  • Could be he's seeing other females as well or just doesn't want to label what you two have

    • Well he told me in the beginning when we first started talking that he likes to talk to one girl at a time to see what happens and I told him I do too and for the last couple of days he's been saying that he misses me

    • Maybe he just doesn't want to rush into anything?

    • Maybe I just hope he isn't messing with my feelings because that would hurt

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