When a guy says he still wants to hang out or chat after you end a casual relationship with him?

This guy I was recently dating, tells me he does not want a relationship. We did sleep with each other once. Afterwards I decided that I did not want to continue casual sex so ended it. He said that he still wants to be friends.

He finds me attractive and we get along but apparently he says he is not ready for a relationship with anyone at all. When he replied to my text he mentioned if you ever want to hang out or chat don't hesitate to call me! With a smiley face.

Guys. What goes through your heads when you are in this situation with a girl? Do you legitimately mean what you say or is that just a way to end things in a friendly manner?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Are you really this naive? He wants any opportunity to fuck you again.

    • So my suspicions were right after all. Had a hunch. Wanted it confirmed.

    • Most guys don't really want to be friends with a woman, they just use the friendship to get their dicks sucked and fucked.

    • The only thing that threw me was when he said he respected my decision about not wanting casual then suggested that. Still was a bit suss on the whole thing though that was why I posted about it.

      I guess even though he knows I won't go there again, he probably will still give it a crack anyway.

  • He wants to hook up


What Girls Said 1

  • He's putting himself in a position where hell try to fuck you if you sleep together again. Honestly all guys do this. They'll say "if you ever need me, just call me and we'll hang t! Here my number wink wink" they just want casual sex.


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