Ever meet someone have fun but not feel sure you are into them until you actually hang out with them in their home and you see more deeply who they R?

We met dancing he saw me getting another guy's number and him walking me to my car. He waited and got my number when that guy left. He invited me to hang with him. I didn't. He called me later. At his house I saw him in a new way like a movie. A romantic scene. His cologn his everything!!! I could just focus on him not dance and loud music just take him in over a beer and talking. We had sex. He is calling and texting again but baby mama stole his phone for a week he called to explain.


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  • Sounds like a lovely experience for you. It's usually in the comfort of their own home, and in the presence of only one, that people can let their guard down and reveal who they truly are.


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