How can I gain closure without getting it form a guy?

So the guy that I was dating who I was really into and he was into me slept with his baby mama the night me and him were ment to have a date. It was the biggest disappoint I have ever felt. He had so much potential and he allowed himself to get into that situation ad he let it happen. I really likes him and I thought he really liked me. I mean I know he did but he made a big mistake. Ot has been about a week or more and he still hasn't contacted me, he hasn't said sorry and if he really did like me he would beg for forgiveness but I know he is a big coward. He is weak and he dosnt want to deal with it because it's to difficult and he feels shame. He lives I the same building as me just one floor above and he has been avoiding me since that day. I don't have closure from the situation and I don't know how to do it. I still really like him but I wouldn't be able to be with him I could never trust him ever.


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  • All the closure you need is there... he is ignoring you, he doesn't have a interest in fixing things and he has no intention working things out. You don't need more than that. You'll never get the closure you need from a guy who you still have feelings for cause no matter what they say, you'll always want to believe something else and it's also difficult for people to downright say to your face they aren't interested anymore. They'll always sugar coat it or give false hope.

    So you need to find closure on your own and it's possible when you look at the situation and how they treated you. He sounds like a really bad guy in my opinion who screwed you over. That should be enough to make you move on and realize you deserve tons better.

  • What more closure do you really need?


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