Girls, why do you shun the quite guy and go for the loud man?

Hey everyone , why is it that quite guys are always ignored , even though they may be financially set and have interesting life's , yet they go for the smooth talker who's just going to keep to the 3 f's... I feel like I'm screwed im very quite I cannot even be bothered to talk to women cause they all seem to be into geasy wogs and hate Anglo guys in melbourne, even though I get told I'm handsome. Have 10% body fat and have 48 inch chest and 18 inch arms. Why is it girls go for dark guys and ignore scandanavian/Anglo looking guys


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  • Well, in all regards in life the more outgoing people kinda win. You get noticed, you put yourself out there, you interact well with others... of course that's gonna make you more successful in dating than sitting in the corner looking down. Plus, the outgoing guys make things easier on the girls who don't have the balls to start the conversation/approach.

    Don't demonize outgoing guys. They're not bad people just bc you're jealous.

    • Yes very jealous lol. Maybe when your a little older than 19 May wise up and realise who pays the bills lol. Gotta be jealous when your built like a brick house lol

    • Why are you attacking me? You asked a question and I answered. I told you why outgoing guys are more successful. So what's so unwise about me, if you're the one who fails to understand a pretty basic sociological concept? You're asking *me* the question not the other way around.
      Not really sure what the "who pays the bills" comment is supposed to mean?

    • Guys like you- the shy quiet reserved guys who are as a result inexperienced... are surprisingly cocky and full of themselves not to mention condescending. Being single is probably your best bet. You seem like an asshole.

  • I have a thing for skinny nerdy guys I don't know its just my thing, and I absolutely hate when guys are super loud and obnoxious.


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