When to kiss?

I talk to my boyfriend's closest friend (who happens to be my friend too). Apparently my boyfriend wants to kiss me, and I definitely want to kiss him. But we're both nervous about it, and on several occasions we've had the opportunity to kiss but neither of us took it :( He's kissed all of his past girlfriends' easily, but hasn't kissed me yet and it's been over a month. He kisses my cheek but hadn't tried for a full kiss yet. His friend says he just doesn't want to mess this up. How do I let him know it's ok to kiss me? Or how should I kiss him?

P. S. I haven't had my first kiss yet


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  • Wow this is weird. I was in the same boat as you with my girlfriend till last night. I was nervous about this because I am her first boyfriend and I wanted it to be special. So I walked her to her car when she had to go home lats night and we hugged and held each other tight for several minutes. Then I stared deeply into her eyes and kissed her. I was her first kiss and she stopped breathing when I kissed her.

    When you guys are alone just stare deeply into his eyes and lean in and kiss him. Believe me he will love it as much as you do and will return the kiss. If he has kissed his past girlfriends easily but is holding out on you it might be because he really likes you a lot. Or his past girlfriends were more agressive.


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  • First kiss, the most special.

    This is all about when, where, and why

    When: when you are ready

    where: somewhere romantic

    why: you want to

    Try to share a kiss in a coffee shop in a snowing winter day, I think that is alway my favor.

    • That sounds sweet and all, but its almost june, do you really think she wants to wait till winter?

    • My bad, that is a bit off the timing.

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  • This is pretty humorous as I'm in the same boat. I'd say if you really like him and know he likes you and you said he wants to kiss you, I'd just look deeply into his eyes and sort of lean forward a little. Not too obvious, or anything, or if you want to surprise him, just go right up and kiss him and stun him. It's harder said then done, but if the sparks are there, it'll be just fine. Good luck

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