Girls, What does a girl want?

I just realized that a guy has sex because he wants love; but, a girl has sex because she wants a commitment. Makes sense.

I know women different and THINK differently than men: But what else do girls want?
-Do you want money? (How much?)
-Do you want a lifestyle? (What kind of people do you want to be surrounded by?)
-Do you want protection? (Do you prefer alpha male/strong meat head but sacifice brains?)
-Do you want security? (If so, monetarily, physically, emotionally, spiritually?)

These answers will vary differently because even different girls want different things.

So what does a girl really want?


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  • Money is never necessarily a bad thing, but it's not something that I take into consideration. I mean, I'm a student. Would it be nice to be with someone who was able to pay when I couldn't and help me? Sure. Is it important? Of course not. My boyfriend's a student too, so we're basically penniless but who cares? He makes me happy without money and anything we need, we're able to get.

    Not really. I don't really want to be surrounded by anyone except my friends. I'm more of a takeaway and movie kinda person than one who wants to go out and be constantly surrounded by people.

    Nah, I'm good. I mean, being protected does feel good, the same way it makes me feel good to protect him. But I'm not looking for a big alpha guy with huge muscles. Muscles and aggression and all that testosterone isn't my thing. Like, dude, chill out. I'm not some damsel in distress. Knowing he cares about my safety is good, I care about his too, but I want someone who knows I'm able to look after myself if I need to and won't try and do everything to make me comfortable. I want a boyfriend, not a bodyguard :P

    Security is a huge thing for me, yeah. I want someone who's there for me and makes me feel safe. Like I said, not muscles, so not physically. My boyfriend now makes me feel incredibly safe and looked after and dude is about as thin as a rake. Being financially safe is something I like, obviously, but I don't need his money to be able to do that. Security for me is trusting this person to not hurt me or not to say horrible things and just knowing that they're going to be there if I am hurting. Someone who won't take over for me, but someone who supports me and is there when I need them, that makes me feel safe.

    • Heidi Klum left her husband, Seal, for her body guard.

      And as aforementioned, different girls want different things.

      I find that females who are physically bombshells look for muscles and testosterone because last Friday night I was with two bombshells who ditched me for the jacked dudes who looked like Heidi Klum's bodyguard.

      I have never been the one who could beat you in a physical altercation but I have brains to get your money into my bank account.

      Like if some guy was trying to fight me then I'd just look for the next biggest guy and say 'Look I will give you $1000 to punch that guy on the face.'

    • Well, good for her, and good for you :P

    • I know that what a girl thinks and what she says might be different but sorry I I came off sounding like a jerk.

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