Girls what to do next?

My ex is 19 and she barely moved back from college. She moved back since she missed everyone back home. She was gone for a year. We broke up because of distance and because other things. Well on the 1st week she moved back she phoned me and invited me for lunch. As soon as we met up we started kissing. I told her i missed her and what was going to happen with us? she said she doesn't know since she just moved back and wants to be friends and if were meant for each other it'll happen. I said ok. A day later she uploaded a pic of her and some dude i never seen in my life at an art museum. In the pic they are making goofy faces in front of an art statue (sort of like that pic on the bottom i found on google).

Who could be just a college study group friend or I don't know point is should i talk to her about this or keep my mouth shut and wait it out? keep in mind I've lost many brownie points with her in the past and i don't want too loose more.
Girls what to do next?


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  • Your ex. Enough said.


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