Does he like me or is he just waiting for something better?

I've been seeing this guy regularly for 3 months now, we hang out, go on dates, have great sex but I'm confused! I've told him that I wanted to be his girlfriend and his answer was "just go with the flow". I understand and that's what I have been doing. Well recently I told him that I had a feeling I like him more than he likes me and I didn't want my feelings hurt so we should stop doing what we are doing. His response was... what did I do to hurt your feelings, I have a life do you want me to sit around and think about you all of the time, I don't need to talk to you everyday and I never said I couldn't like you. Basically for some reason he didn't want to hear me saying we should stop doing what we are doing because he was at my house 2 nights later. So what does this guy want from me? Sex? I'm confused.


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  • Sex is exactly what he wants and nothing more. From how he responded to your suggestions were tha

    • That he has no respect for you at all. Instead he's pleasing himself. More than likely, I believe his options are open and that he's only using you. Please let him go. Find someone else.

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