People in their youth who lose out in the dating game, do you tend to have this subconcious feeling that you're being shortchanged in life?

Wondering about this since I feel it quite strongly.

Compared to those who are attached in their youths, we'll have spent our best years (youth) in lonliness.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, it makes you feel left out and you can't relate to the sayings people have about high school being the best days of their lives and how everyone had a high school sweetheart. I'm shy and have a little bit of social anxiety so I can understand losing out in the dating game. I guess we just have to have hope that we won't be alone forever!

    • I'll have to hope, but you don't! Haha~
      Being a ravishing lass that you are, guys are in a queue to be your companion. Just say "yes" to any and your fate is changed instantly.

    • Oh well thank you that's nice of you to say 😊

What Guys Said 2

  • Yeah all the time. I never got to date so I have no experience, but everybody else does.

    It's like bringing piece of styrofoam to a gun fight.

  • Ya, I often feel jealous of people that got to date and have relationships in their teens and early 20's


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