Can I change his mind?

I met this guy who is incredibly attractive both physically and personality wise who sees me the same way.. The thing is, my upbringing has been more of a refined, etiquette type way (I'm not stuck up or anything at all, but my mannerisms and speech patterns ellude to this) whereas he labels himself as more of a rough around the edges type person... Bad part of town type of guy. Because of this, he thinks there would be problems if we continued to pursue each other... He thinks he'll eventually hurt me, and that he'll somehow "fuck me up." How do I get him to see I'm not some delicate little flower? We have amazing chemistry physically and mentally...
I don't care about social classes or anything superficial like that... just want to be with him


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  • show him you're strong, confidence looks good on a girl too. those kinda people don't sway or get fucked up as easily so there wouldn't be any worries


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  • tell him that you don't care where he's from or what other people think. you are attracted to him and want to be with him

  • Yeah just reassure him that won't happen and chase him a while longer.


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