Girls, Does she feel something for me or is her heart still with her ex? Must I wait, leave her or what must I do?

There is this one girl that i have started having feelings for and currently I don't know what to do with this situation. (Can't type the whole history as there is a limit of text allowed, I will try make it short and understandable)

I have know this girl for 8 months and me and her have only really start knowing each other in the last 3 months (first 5 months I would only hear from her maybe one every week but know we talk to each other 8-9 hours a day)

During the last 3 months we discovered that we have a lot in common. During this time she told me a few times I am special, I am amazing and I make her day almost everyday. We have been out a few times over the weekend and hell she even said yes (i a very excited and can't wait why) when I asked her do you want to go away for the weekend with me.

She told me about 3 weeks ago the following: (exact words) "Thank you for everything, I am heavy special to her and she will always be there for me and can't wait to hear from me again tomorrow"

We communicate with each other via Skype emails and phone calls (emails and phone calls are work related but we call each using our company phones anyway haha), we never talked to each other via facebook, whatsapp, phone calls or text messages as we talk a lot over Skype and she does not like social medias as she is old school and prefer in person.

I have so much respect for this girl, started trustung her and started having feelings for her but know I see that she is again in a relationship with her ex boyfriend and this does not make any sense to me!!

She told me she wants to get over him as he is treating her very bad and I supported and gave her some advise but i am not sure what to do now. The day that I found out she is back to him I felt so sad and betrayed. How does she say the things to me 3 weeks ago but she is back with him and when I call her and text etc she does not respond back?


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  • She like him


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