Am I being desperate?

I work very late & have no reliable transportation. While leaving work I met an expatriate & owner of a company next door. He offered to drop me home & we became acquainted. I enjoy meeting new people and feel a need to learn more about his culture, but my friends think I am just desperate for a ride or relationship.


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What Guys Said 1

  • im afraid you are

    • Ouch... desperate & stubborn. Well in case he ever offers me a ride again, should I take it or pass?
      *That's the follow-up question*
      Thanks much:-)

    • maybe think about it first and dont take anybody just to fill the empty space

What Girls Said 1

  • It doesn't sound like you are Bing desperate to me.. just sounds like you like conversation and meeting people. Nothing wrong with that. Only you know your true intentions and if you don't think you are then don't listen to what your friends say.

    • Hhhmmm... now this is how I felt initially... confused. But it is true, it's like a past-time meeting people from across the globe. There are expatriates within my company & we have many conversations about their homeland. I only talk with them , nothing serious.

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