Girls, Why must online relationships be so tough?

You sign up for this site asking questions about what you should do to resolve a relationship dilemma, Then before you know it, you get involved with someone and for some reason it triggers sense of emotions and feelings start inadvertently, like I don't plan to just get up and make up something. People reading this will be like why are you feeling this way, over someone you've never met. I assure you the feelings can feel very real, it's shocking to my own self that I even let it happen, I was very cautious for that not to happen but it did anyways. I can't won't apologize for how I feel I was always told that you should be real and honest. I certainly hope they were right


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  • There's nothing wrong with how you are feeling. I've had that same situation happen to me before. You see someone's profile and you become interested in getting to know them. So you both exchange a few messages and it's going really well. All of a sudden you start to feel excited when their name pops up in your inbox. You read and become more and more attached to them. Even though you haven't met them in real life yet.

    There is such a thing as online chemistry. But you have to be careful because chemistry may be online but not in person. I've had that happen too.

    I know people think it's silly, I've been told that too. But it's not. We're humans, and if you are on a dating site you are obviously looking for some sort of connection. It's exhilarating and addicting when you find someone who seems like a good match, and it can be fun learning about them.

    But it's hard. They don't always see you the way you see them :(


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  • I feel like this isn't really a question, but more a way of expressing how you feel. It's probably better if you wrote a myTake. :)


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