Should I message her or wait for her?

I split with my girl 1 and a half months ago.

She said things were moving too fast and she still wasn't properly over her ex.

Since we split I have been trying to do no contact. We went 8 days originally and she messages me asking how I was. We went a week after this and I decided to message her.

Since then we haven't spoke much apart from snapchats when we have both been out and she has said on several occasions "wish you were here" and asked me round to her house.

The reason I am asking this question is because last night she broke no contact after 16 days. She was out with friends and she sent me a snapchat at 2am saying "Wuu2 I really want sex" I replied with "just chilling" but she never replied.

i have been thinking all day on wether or not I should message her asking her if she was serious or wait to see if se will message me. I will be seeing her on Christmas Eve and I don't know if to just wait until then so we can have a proper conversation.

what do you think?


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