What should I tell her?

Long story short this girl that I like was showing some strong signs that she liked me, but she had recently gotten out of a relationship and told me that she wanted to stay single and work on herself for a little while (she made some serious mistakes in her last relationship that she feels bad about), so I had a mutual friend ask her if she was interested in anyone so I could see if she was being serious or just friendzoning me. My friend ended up telling her that I like her and she responded with the same thing that she told me. Obviously this brutally mudered my chances because it was too soon for her to be told that and it made me look like a wuss who can't tell her myself. At first I took it as a rejection (which it probably is) so I gave up, but now I think that I shouldn't give up just yet when there still is a chance and I have nothing to lose because she already knows anyways. I'm thinking about talking to her after Christmas break and putting everything on the table to make sure we are on the same page. She still acts the same around me, but we don't talk as much anymore and it's a little awkward (for me anyways). So I want to tell her that I didn't tell my friend to tell her that I like her, but I do, and I get that she wants to stay single right now and that I don't care if we stay friends, but if she ever wants to give it a shot I'm available. Is this a good idea or should I say something else?


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  • I say play things cool. She already knows that you like her but she's not ready for anything right now. If you continue to press the matter she might get alienated and start distancing herself. Try the wait and see approach. You can also keep your options open in the meantime.

    • I have played it cool for a while though. It's almost been two months since she found out

    • Then maybe it's time to move on. If she's not ready, then don't force things.

    • I'm not bei ng a quitter to easily I quit enough on women as it is.

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