Would you rather date a girl who has a good personality, is attractive with big boobs? Or a girl who is attractive, good personality with small boobs?

I see some guys on here saying small boob size does not matter as long as she has a good personality but wonder if she has big boobs (not super big) with a good personality?

If given the choice
  • I would rather date a attractive girl with big boobs and a nice personality
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  • I would rather date a attractive girl with small boobs and a good personality
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  • none of the above, I'm a girl and I only date guys
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Omg it's even
By nice and good I meant they both have good personalities


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  • Bigger boobs is a plus. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't date someone with small boobs.


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  • -_- oh come on us women don't base everything off dick size. Why is breast size so important :( i'm only a B and by the looks of it apparently i'll never get a guy.

    • Nah, bigger is often preferred, but it has to fit with the rest of the body well. Also the word big is subjective. My definition of too big is apparently smaller than that of some of my guy friends. Plus, preferring big doesn't mean we hate small.

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    • I never said women do

    • I was speaking out to men lol @Asker

  • Why do girls do this to themselves? If a person likes you then they like you. There's more to life than boobs and ass, sheesh! You can have the biggest boobs, the biggest ass and be all of that and it's ONE thing that can totally turn off a guy. These questions are really getting old.

    • It's just a question don't take it so seriously. Like really don't answer. I explained in my details why I answered this question. It's not a big deal and you need to calm down

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    • Lol if you really think that gag is a representation of what men like in real life and if you take this question seriously then you have issues

  • it's pretty unfair how some guys who has a small cock would like to date girls who has a good personalities, good looking and big boobs. they're asking for too much. like come on, us girls aren't even that choosy and dont even mind about your cock size but some guys are very choosy. some girls dont just go around and ask about cock size maybe some did bcs they are thirsty. seriously though, whatever you get, just be grateful. if you're attracted to someone bcs of their boobs size or cock size, that's more likely you're sexually attracted to them and not actually love them.

    • That's what I always want to say

    • @Elafamk it had to be said. guys get to see the size of our boobs but we dont even get to see their cock size so why does that matters aight? 😂

    • YEA! Bravo👏 it should be a new law😂

  • Well, if two of them are basically the same person, its only obvious everyone would date the one with bigger boobs xD


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