I don't know what to do?

This guy that I use to talk me had finally came back to keep contacting me. I realize at the moment that he lost his job to his management. At the same time he wanted to go away upstat for clarity were that affected me because he had nothing to contact with me. He had move in with his brother which is good but he doesn't want to because he don't like to depend on people. He likes doing things all on his own. Where he very private to saying about his own life. How ever he keep contacting me through social media were I would say I don't want to be with him. But he keeps fighing and he willing to give me the things that I want. When I ask him if he miss me he finally said a little to a lot which is surprising because he doesn't like to open up. But he did for me. However, Im afarid what should I do? At the end of the day he wants me to wait for him no matter what? What should I do? Cause I'm suppose to see him on New Years Eve.. I'm not sure cause he never true to his words... I wonder are what to meant to be like soul mates or should I leave...


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  • If the dude went away, he shouldn't ever be trusted to truly come back, in my opinion.

    • Really what if they realize they mess up and want to be back with them... Is it all ies

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