Is there any hope for a good decent guy with little hope and no confidence?

I know I'm a great guy and am satisfied with my current situation. I however have lost hope in finding anyone who will be interesting in dating me. I know people like me as a person and enjoy my company. My confidence in dating however is non existent and any thoughts of finding a person to love seems like merely a dream. If a girl meets me and see' s that I'm a great guy and finds me attractive will me having no hope or confidence in dating completely change her view of me. She will would my confidence in who I am and the things I'm passionate about, just not in finding love. I'll always be the warm caring person I am and will never blame girls for not finding interest in me. I just feel like I'm not what 99% of girls are looking for. If this is seen will any chance of attraction wither away?


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  • Well, if he has little hope, then there is hope, because he has a little.

    Good trick question.


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