Makeup creates shallow women?

If it's used to "enhance" your beauty (XD) than it creates shallow women.

I have SEVERE acne from forehead to lower back all the way and I never have used makeup. Fuck shallow people. I go to the beach like any other.

My problem is that after dating 1-2 times a girl I would no longer date her if she doesn't stop wearing makeup after I tell her. How can someone that wears makeup accept me with acne? Sex is important and I why would you date someone if sex isn't involved? It gives out insecurities and myself wanting to to at least kiss irritates me.

Women use makeup as a trap. I am studying biology atm and working x10 times harder to get a girl is plain stupid. I don't even get hugs. Girls will always be more superficial and shallow than guys. I love how acne showed me that. If you're ugly and use makeup what happens if the hot one uses makeup? You're still in the same position lol.

I guess my personality just sucks. It makes sad that insecurities from girls creates guy's ones.


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  • Maybe some are, that can be true. Maybe some aren't. They might just like having fun painting. I like putting a light eye shadow on with mascara and lip gloss or something, it's fun for me.

    A friend I dated has advanced acne. I helped him with Proactive, and he still has scars, but he feels better about himself. It's not red anymore. I still like him, he's a good guy. And yes we did date (but he was dating other girls and I don't do that).

    • Probably because he felt insecure most of the date girls would leave him for his body acne... maybe. I don't blame him and I hell sure understand why he did it. It's just dating, nothing serious in all honesty. If it was the first date then he's good but he should reduce the girls to just one girl after she met them all.

      Some? More like 100% I'm attracted to (6-10 objectively speaking).

    • Maybe some people did (reject for it) but he still got dates because he was a chill guy. Everyone has something. I have my own physical issues, but I try my best with what I have.
      He asked me to be his girlfriend after 2 months of dating, so it was more than that. He wanted to sleep around, and I don't do that at all (I'm monogamous) so we weren't a good match.

    • oh ok

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  • Not sure if i read it right but i'm not saying all do this but girls do not wear makeup because they are insecure they wear it because they feel good in it... and tbh makeup isn't a turn on for me i personally don't really care but it is a turn off if they wear a shit ton.

    • Bunch of lies. Makeup doesn't physically feel good or does it?

      They're saying the same thing lol.

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    • Nope. Confidence = Insecurity from your point of view. If you think makeup gives you confidence you have a low self esteem. Simple. Someone who says that doesn't need anything except for what he/she was born with is sexy as hell and a complete badass.

    • So what does it mean when a girl thinks she is fine without makeup but wants to wear it anyway?

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  • Or a girl can wear makeup for herself and it doesn't have anything to do with men...
    And fyi, I wear makeup often and have liked plenty of dudes with acne.

    • If they didn't have acne. Would you consider them as hot?

      Makeup can be for art, movies, cosplays etc but when it's used for beauty. eeeeeh

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    • Nothing, but we're not talking about living things, we're talking about beauty. Yes, getting rid of body hair is about the same as makeup in terms of changing your appearance, so if you don't want your girl to change her appearance you should be down with body hair. My confidence comes from my own opinion, hence why when ignorant souls like you tell me to stop expressing myself I continue to do so for my sake and my sake only. What's wrong if a girl likes BOTH her made up face and natural face? I like both and am seen with both, and I'm most myself when I look as I feel, whether that be made up or natural. Have you ever done anything like buy shoes you like because they make you feel good? cause that's the same feeling as wearing makeup. You don't like makeup? That's cool, don't wear any, but stop being an abusive partner by forcing people to stop expressing themselves.

    • shoes don't change my natural look. Gives me a vibe though.

      Hair tends to be more abundant on males biologically speaking and in women no body hair feels (the right feel lol) better.

      You can't create your own opinion without knowing others. It's impossible. Opinion wouldn't even matter or exist lol.

      Express what? I love chemistry but I don't like chemicals on faces. nono

  • Oh look another idiotic male who takes out his insecurities on the entire gender of women.

    I wonder how long it'll be until you take the red pill.

    It's hard to believe that you're a biology major. You're a fucking idiot and your grammar is garbage.

    I think you should think about minoring in English. OK babe? :D

    • Well for the record it's my second language and you don't know a second language and probably don't study science so I already won in the security department.

      If you feel so identified with my rant it's not my problem. How much insecurity I have when I go to beach with no shirt having bacne? You wouldn't be able to do that. You would go home and cry lol.

      Get off your cloud. XD

    • I know I did some errors but I don't care. It's not like I'm writing an essay. English is way more easier than Spanish lol. I get As all the time and I try to be good at classes, not this stupid site so even if I was writing in Spanish I still wouldn't try my best because I'm not being graded.

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  • no. men who empower them do

    a pretty girl gets resources thrown at them since a teen.

    she grows up feeling entitled as if this is normal.

    its men who condition women to become one.

    those men who dont take shit from women, who sometimes get called that guy, those who understand how unfair the world is to the modern men, those who can rejects pretty girl... he is the solution.

    • So I'm the solution just because I feel obligated to be alone for the rest of my life?

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    • I did... I'm the solution lol.

    • we are. its tough brother and it may not change much... but we are victorious in our own right!

  • Seems more like a rant than a question

    • Well you could agree.

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