Why would a guy choose his ex over getting to know a new girl?

It really hurts because it makes me feel like I wasn't even *worth* trying for?
I think what hurts most is that you see so many questions about from girls who are hurt and questioning why their ex boyfriend or boyfriend left them for another girl or rejected them for another girl or chose another girl over them. In my situation it's the exact opposite, which makes me feel like I'm not even good enough to try to get to know.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Some people want to feel comfortable (being with someone they know or around people they know. While they feel uncomfortable around people they don't know.

  • Because he still loves her

    • He wasn't even with her when I pursued him. On top of that he even told me he wanted to try with me, but then completely ditched me (without properly getting to know me)

      Actually the ex girlfriend pressured him to get back with her the MINUTE she found out I wanted him.

    • Why didn't he even respect me enough to tell his ex no and try with me

    • If he had nothing with her he wouldn't have gone

What Girls Said 1

  • I get how you feel, however usually they go back because of history, it's familiar to them and perhaps he secretly wished they worked out. He wasn't being unfair and he was probably only thinking for himself and putting himself out there to get to know other people. However perhaps his ex really has his heart.


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