I can't stop thinking about some guy that doesn't even like me, is something wrong with me?


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  • Nothing is wrong with you.

    You are infatuated.
    You like this guy a lot.

    There will come a time where these feelings will pass.

    Don't question or doubt yourself.
    We've all felt like this at one point or another.

    • I don't even know why I like him a lot (okay maybe I do know why) but we barely spoken and never hung out. It's just driving me crazy, I have a boyfriend but I can't stop thinking about this other guy.

      I hope it passes soon, thanks. I am going crazy...

    • I think we always go crazy about what we can't have.

      I hope so too.
      Totally unhealthy for your relationship

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  • Well that's strange but it's possible, so I can't really say it's right or wrong. Sorry!!


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  • Ughhhhh we all go through this don't worry.

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