I need advice on trust issues?

I have been hurt a lot and I been cheated on 11 times but me and this girl have been together awhile and I feel bad cuz I question her on everything. I love her and truly believe she won't hurt me but my mind gets the best of me and I don't want my trust issues to ruin our bond. Do y'all have tips or things I can do?


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  • why the hell have you been cheated on 11 times? i would have thought that after the 2nd time you wouldve done something about that but okkkkkkk


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  • 11 times, that's too much of a damage you have taken already. I can understand your concerns and I also admire your strength and courage to still keep trying. It's great. It's something I can never do.

    Yes, I think there are some good ways to handle this, let me see if I can come up with something and I'll tell you.


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  • WHolly apple of apple GODS! You my friends have serious issues not only on trust but on picking the right girl! Hopeful you did something different this time when pick this girl or she will be number 12!

    • Ik I am terrible but I believe she is the one. Do you know what I could do to trust her?

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    • Once I realize that loving myself was important I started caring. And when ever I meet the sterotypical douche bag I can see it from a mile away because its the way he treat me that counts. If he treat me bad I take offense because I value myself. So yeah! haha I wish you the best! Try to be more secure and love yourself... Thats very important than when a girl treats you like crap from the begining you can just walk away! See ya around!

    • Hmu sometime. 8654419993

  • Go to therapy. Seriously find a counsellor, get professional help. If you have been cheated on 11 times it means that there is something wrong with your picker. It means you are choosing people with the same characteristics. Find out how to recognize early warning signs. I totally get how you feel. I was cheated on and the thought of being with another person scares the shit out of me. But the biggest question you must ask yourself is this: Do I feel safe with this person? If not then leave. If yes than try to remember not everyone cheats and don't blame that person for other's mistakes. Just make sure she treats you with respect. Don't let little things slide, they will eventually add up. Also, maybe you aren't ready for a relationship. If your 17 there's really no need to have one. Focus on your life without the paranoia of being cheated on. Learn to love yourself so you won't need anyone else to fulfill you. Good luck.


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