Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend that farts loudly in public?

I have heard of some guys that have girlfriends and their girlfriends fart loudly and proudly in public places. One guy had his girlfriend lean to one side, lift her butt cheek off the seat she was sitting on and do the most massive and loud fart ever when her and her boyfriend was attending a funeral at a church. He also said it reeked so bad as well. Some children actually called this girl "thunderfart". This is honestly not a trolling question, he did have his girlfriend actualy do that! Does your partner fart loudly in public?
  • Yes he/she does and I find it the most funny thing ever.
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  • Yes he/she does and I hate it.
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  • Only sometimes they do.
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  • I have never heard (or smelled) my girlfriend fart, either in public or in private, and she can say the same thing about me.


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  • In public, not really. But when we're alone together he holds nothing back.

    • Well that gives you the green light to hold nothing back to. :) If a guy farts in front of his girl then his girl does not have to hold anything back in front of him.

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    • I heard of this guy that was cooking dinner and his girlfriend was in the lounge and she pushed not 1 or 2 farts out in a row but 10 one after the other. Small farts but still 10 farts and her boyfriend stuck his head around the corner and looked at her.

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