(Please choose) How would you enjoy your Christmas day with that special someone?

1. Celebrate Christmas with his or her family.
(Please choose) How would you enjoy your Christmas day with that special someone?2. You and your special someone goes to a nice restaurant and enjoy Christmas dinner.
3. Ice skating!
4. Exchange Christmas presents and cuddle under the fire while sipping hot chocolate.
5. Drive around the nieghborhood and look at all the beautiful Christmas light decorations.
7. Watch funny Christmas movies all day while eating sweat homemade Christmas snacks with her or him.
8. You & your special someone go to a Christmas party with friends and enjoy great food and wine.

9. You guys cook up a meal together & have Christmas dinner at his or her place. (Someone might get naughty) Lol
10. Go to his or her church together and celebrate the lords birthday!

Please comment or vote thanks :)
& enjoy your Christmas gagers!

  • I don't have a special someone. :(
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  • Me and my special someone goes our separate ways for Christmas.
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  • None of the above.
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  • I would invite my girlfriend over to celebrate Christmas with my family because she's Jewish


What Girls Said 2

  • I wish I had a special someone to celebrate with :(

  • We spend Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with his.

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