Should I text him?

So I was talking to this guy for over two months, and we would hangout almost every weekend, he would always pay for me on dates, he always complemented me, telling me I'm perfect and beautiful. He even told me I make him very nervous. But just recently he stopped talking to me, he was usually the one to text first, even though I did sometimes, but I'm also a very shy person so over text I would sometimes not reply, but I'd text him the next day or so or he would me. Anyways out of nowhere he just stopped and I was the last person to text he just never replied.. he then started sending me snapchats and I'd reply but id never have a full convo I don't know why, it just felt different and weird? So I just continued on with my life and he started talking to me less and less, like once every two weeks.. Now it's been over two weeks and last time we spoke he kind of ignored me. I am just very confused because I thought we had a connection and he said he really liked me and I told him I really liked him. I had asked him to hang out and he agreed, then the day came and I got no call no text nothing.. But I can't help feel like it's my fault too because I never reminded him, but why would I need to you should be mature enough to remember a date right? And I didn't want to feel embarrassed if he cancels so I just let it go. Like I said it's been about three weeks since he sent anything but he is always looking at my snapchat story so I feel like he still likes me? He also is active on there just he doesn't send anything to me.. I'm so confused does anyone know what I should do? I thought to send him just a hi how are you? Just to show im still into him. I just don't know what I did for him to just stop what we had! Also if it matters I am a virgin and he was always very touchy when we would hangout but we never did anything because I'd tell him to stop. I don't think this is the reason because he was such a gentleman and nice guy I can tell he maybe wanted more than that? I'm just confused does anyone have any advice


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  • The very well cause could be he has found someone else who makes him just as happy but if he hasn't texted then I say text him and simply ask why he hasn't been communicating


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