How do you ask out a friend?

I've been running it over in my mind for a few days now, but anything I think to say doesn't seem right, so how on earth does one ask out a close friend?


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  • Keep things casual. Just say something like "Hey do you want to go out *insert day* and have dinner/lunch/coffee?" .. It might seem really hard I get that but just realize once you do it you'll be happy for doing it and for trying.

    • Except I'm close enough friends with her already that this won't necessarily be considered a date, she may just look at it as hanging out

    • When you do hang out then on this day make sure you act differently. Be more flirty, compliment her and just try to make it different from usual hang outs.

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  • "Do you wanna go do (an activity) on (a day)"


    "It's a date."


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  • Unfortunatly do dont mate, you have to bottle your feelings up, or risk destroying your whole friendship. Take this advice from someone whos been there, and lost there best friend


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