Guys, Have you ever told a girl she should see other people even though you liked her? Did you regret it?

There's a guy I talk to online every day for a year that is attracted to me but he isn't ready for a relationship. He told me I shouldn't wait around forever until he's ready so I'm seeing someone now. He always finds a reason to bring the guy I'm seeing up, usually in some sort of teasing way. Sometimes just mentioning his name for no reason. Since he found out that we have been going on dates, the online guy still talks to me every day but doesn't have a lot to say anymore , and will take very long to respond. Since he is the one who said I shouldn't wait for him, why isn't he talking to me as much now? Is he jealous or is it coincidence?


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  • I actually can answer that ^^ a few years a go I met a girl over twitter and we had so much in common its crazy and we were attracted to each other. Problem was, we are on the other side of the world.
    We did have our intimacy but I told her that she shouldn't wait for me as we might never meet and that I don't want her to not experience things just because of me.
    She didn't date but I still didn't like the idea that much of her dating and vice versa.
    I do not regret telling her but I would have been a little jealous if she had dated someone.


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