I tend to go for guys I'm physically attracted to more so than guys whose personalities I find attractive, what's wrong with me?

Every guy who I've found attractive who asks me out I say yes and continue to date them. The guys who have the best personality and we get along great, I'm unattracted to. What's wrong with me?

should I wait until I find someone whose both physical attractive or just personality wise attractive? From your experience, which one does it turn out better with? I'm scared I'm making wrong decisions.


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  • congratulations, you're doing the age old mistake of going after the bad boys.

    Do yourself a favor, and stop to think at times. There's NOTHING wrong at all with physica attraction, but for your own sake, STOP and ask yourself "is this guy really good for me?" If you're in doubht or answer no, then don't date him.

    Have some integrity, girl. And have some patience.
    Wait, wait for the good looking guys that you get along with. It won't get you heaps of guys, but it will get you the RIGHT guys.

    • I really needed to hear this thankyou!! The attractive guys I get along with super well too, but more on a friend level so it never develops to further and I wonder why (blame myself get anxious that whole dealio ugh). I rush things because I hate being alone (I'm trying to work on it). But thankyou this was great thankyou kind sir

    • So you end up friendzoning the right guys? Because they respect you enough to not make a move. And they don't make a move, because you don't show interrest.

      Please do yourself a favor and be a little more forward with those guys. Flirt a little if you find one you like, SHOW him you're interested. Because those kinds of guys generally does not chase skirts, and as a result they won't actively make a move on you unless they sense you're interrested too.

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  • Look at it like this: Looks are important no doubt since its the first thing we look at unless we read somones interests first and then see a picture.
    But if you go for someone just for looks and have nothing in common or he is boring or something like that you will have a bad relationship.
    There are people have both atributes and maybe you should wait and not cherry pick too much

    • It's not that the attractive guys and I have nothing in common, we get along great! But I just feel that the personality guys and I would have better relationships... I think you're right though, I'll wait until I get a happy medium of both. Fingers crossed I'm not alone forever

    • It not just personality, its chemistry and passion and likes/interests. You won't be forever alone :)

  • You'd choose price over value. What a shame. You're not gonna get any discount coupon.


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  • I tend to get attracted to those buff, good-looking ones at first, but when thinking about a relationship, I'm only interested in people whose personality can click well with me, but of course he has to look average at the very least. That's my honest opinion.

  • You focus on the outer than the inner!


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