Guy from work asked me out?

Guy from work asked me out kissed him at Christmas party but I'm not really interested I lkike him but just as work friend how to I say no without been bitchy


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  • You kissed him, but you're not in to him. Yeah, cause that makes sense

    • I was drunk. A kiss dosent always mean you like someone its a kiss

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    • Actually I have, you just didn't get the answer you WANTED. I don't sugarcoat babe

    • No I asked how to I say no without being a bitch I know I shouldn't of kissing him but I did it anyway

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  • That you're not interested. Why would you kiss him if you don't like him?

    • I know I kissed him I don't know why I did it he's a lovely fella but just not my type

    • You'll just have to tell him up front you don't see him as anything, he may have gotten the wrong idea from that.

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  • Say it's a liability for both of our reputations at work and unprofessional


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