Dating advice. Wanna hear your lovely opinions?

OK boyos and grils this is whats going down. Appreciate the help by the way. Back to the game after a long time. Finally find a girl that i fancy. She is lovely as hell. Pretty, laughs at my jokes. We click together pretty well. However, she is not into dating and flirting generally. So we went to the movies (pew pew Star Wars n stuff). We have a blast. Serotonine wasted from all the laughing. I take her out to cake. We talk. I ask her: Oi would you like to go a date with me.
She: I dont want to go a date.
I: wtf, y u no?
She: ok lets go. (Her face wasn't the happiest when she replied)\
Ok. So here is my question:
Should I?
1) Tell her that I am not really into girls who just wanna hang out and find somebody else to occupy my atention. (thsu saving myself from dissapointment because there is a strong chance she is not into relationships)
2) Be patient, wait it out, waste emotions/time/money so in the end I may be with this special little flower.


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  • Number two would be a clear answer


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  • I've been in your situation man , if actually saved a good amount of cash choosing to not go with woman who don't care or reject me which is fine because I end up with things that guarantee make me happy , and sometimes use the saved cash on woman who do show me interest and become happy either way , best look I've tip is put yourself in a situation with a woman were you won't lose , and win either way , best card I got when playing the live game

    • Love not live*

    • First of all. Cash is not a problem. I feel happy when i am able to spend money on a girl that i really like. Fuck it I would give an arm for her. The difference between you and me is that you knew what that girl feels about you. I am not in the same position...

    • You would give your arm? Lol you alright man?

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  • You've been out of the action and more and more, people reject traditional 'dating.' I think it's a good thing, with all the fixed and archaic sex roles people have to adopt in that game.

    Yes, now people want to meet in a more natural way, by 'hanging out' in groups or working together in clubs, on projects.

    I was sort of a pioneer of this myself, gave up 'dating' by 16...

    Try it, my man, you'll find it a lot less burdensome and more rewarding than the old 'dating game'!

  • I'd say go with 2


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