Really cute guy, but have no idea how to approach him?

So we know Who eachother are, Our father own a business togheter.

He is older than me (maybe 3-4 years) and his younger brother was in the same class as me, and his brother and I went to the same high school. But we werent friends. And his brother had a crush on me and/or found me really attractive.

Anyway, last time I saw him I Just smiled and said hi and tried to eye flirt (not sure if it Just looked like I was starting lol ).

I dont know what to do, I have no idea if he finds me attractive, if I even got a chance. What do I do? He is actually very cute
Anyone Else?


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  • Confidence, just starts with, hi how ya doing, nice weather we're having eh? That's all it takes

    • I guess I could try.. but I only know one place where im probarly going to meet him, but I dont have a good reason to go there...

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    • i guess you're right, any advice besides the onw you already gave me?

    • Be yourself, most of all, if ou try to be something you're not, we'll see it, and be turned off

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