Girls, what advice would you give me?

*DISCLAIMER. I am not looking for help with love. I can easily get "a girlfriend". But I dont just want "a girlfriend". I wanna know if I can fucking get in Jordan Carvers league based on looks alone. I know I will be rich. This is LONG AND NARCISSISTIC. AND FUNNY IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT. Don't tell me to just accept my looks (I'm not average or ugly... I think. Girls have said I'm good looking.). Tell me how I can know that which I ask of in my question and then I'll gladly accept whatever there is to "accept"*

I am 18. I am a computer science engineering student at a top college. I get good grades.
I workout a lot. I was fat till age 16. Then I became attractive... compared to the general population at least. Nope still not happy.
So I found Instagram. I saw some guys like Nate Garner (an Instagram guy with 2 million followers only from his selfies)... and I read the comments on there from hundreds of girls who only know him from Instagram saying things they'd do to him... ummmmm. Yeah.
So I now workout even harder. I know I'll have a super hot body by the time I am 19 or max 20.
But one thing just never leaves my mind... is my face good looking enough to get those comments? How can I know? I mean Girls in real life look at me a lot. One or two girls said I look like Tom Cruise (lol wtf?).
SO I asked here. Comments ranged from"hot, cute , attractive and even very few ugly s ".
One comment which made me think was "You're not ugly... just not hot. You're Average. "Almost as if she was saying it as fact... but then what about the girls who said I looked gorgeous and stuff?

SO if I workout, groom up myself like those male models (basically everything from products to creams to doing eyebrows) will I be as hot as those man crush Mondays/baes/dreamy guys/heart eye Emoji guys? How can I know?
I focus mostly on my academics/career and my looks.
*I have no intentions of getting a girlfriend now so please no talk of that. I have a friends with benefits lol*


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