Should I ask him to hangout after a while of not talking?

So there s this guy I used to know when I was really young, and I ran into him a few weeks ago. He s 20 and I m 18. We texted for a few days and then went on a date, and it was a really great time. He texted me right after saying he had a lot of fun and that we should go get dinner sometime. It was during finals though, so I had to postpone it. We texted everyday for the next week, but he s a pretty boring texter so it was pointless to keep talking over text. A few days after not talking I snapchatted him something and he replied saying we need to go get dinner. My car was being fixed and I didn t want him to have to drive all the way over to pick me up, so I postponed it again. He was cool with it and told me to just text him when I m free. So now I m on break and over a week has passed and I still haven t texted him. I m really interested and had a great time with him but I just think it would be weird if I asked him to hang out of nowhere. I just feel really bad that I waited this long and feel like he might have lost interest by now?


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  • If he is interested he will ask u out


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