Is this a valid reason as to why a guy would back off? Could this be why he didn't want to start anything with me?

We go to the same small college. He seemed totally into me as I was him. We only hung out twice, as friends, and he had asked me to dinner but he never followed through. I tried reaching out to him the past few weeks and he ignored my 2 messages, and in person seemed off. Yet I know he likes me. Or did. And I didn't do a thing to change that. Our semester just ended and we have a 2 week break followed by a month long middle term. I found out he is studying abroad for that semester so he won't be on campus for month and a half. Could he have thought why bother starting something if he's going to be leaving soon for a while? Or do guys not think in advance about it like that? He's kinda quiet and nervous acting around me otherwise.


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  • Go find another less complicated guy, who actually likes u


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