Reasons you can think of that you would not say yes, or no, to someone (you have said you like ) asking you out, nor will you tell them why you cant?

Any reason at all.

not interested dont want to say no.

are intrerested dont want to say yes.

have a fear of crowded places.

dont have tme.

dont want to get involved with anyone.

are not ready.

leaving soon.

Some people can respond directly, some can not. And some people can explain why they can't answer, others can not.

so im curious.


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  • For me, my reasons for rejecting someone, even if I like them would be because I don't feel ready, I'm genuinely focusing on myself and getting my life on track (including mental health wise) and I'm simply cautious about it all.

    • yeah, me too. for sure. but id actually tell them im not ready. i wouldn't just be like 'uhhhh'. lol

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