Should I avoid this girl or chase her for the hell of it?

I've been texting this girl for a wile and we went out for coffee recently. last night we were texting and she said she was having her friend Alex over for a wile. i thought nothing of it and since i just met this girl, it was really none of my business what he was to her. anyway, today we were texting and she seemed in a bad mood, i asked her what was up and out of nowhere she said "well me and alex fucked last night and now this girl is texing me, all pissed off, saying she was dating him" i feel a little hurt because i thought i was starting something with this girl :/ but it seems like she has a lot more going on.
should i still try and have some sort of relationship with this girl? i feel like I've been cheeted on and im not even dating the girl :/ its the strangest of feelings!
any advice would be nice,
thanks guys!


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  • Aww you were starting to fall for her. Little by little without noticing. My best advice will be to Leave her alone for a while. Because like you said and how it sounds she does have a lot going on and that will only mess you up. And the fact that she just said she fucked this guy like that is not really good because at least if I was looking forward at having something serious with a guy a wouldn't have done that nor dropped that bomb like that to him. Space usually works best when it comes to finding out what the other person wants

    • it seems like she only wants a "boy toy" i was looking for something more :/ she could be fun but im not sure i can take her on knowing that im nothing but a toy to her :/ i think ill keep my distance. hey, at 21, does anything change in dating? dating at 19 is like rolling a dice and hoping you don't end up with a future crack head :/

    • There's a lot of Fun girls out there but look for the one that knows her self worth. you didn't have to describe yourself I can see what you're about and trust me, who you least expect can be the one and probably you haven't even notice.

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  • Tell her how u feel


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  • You let yourself fall for the idea that you had about the girl instead of taking the time to get to know her. You will have hard feelings towards her now an those will be difficult to shed. You are probably better off just moving on and finding someone else.

    • that seems to be the common thing for me... i like to have a good picture in my head so i can be confident with the girl, sadly the "best case" image i paint for myself, sometimes covers up the broken reality. i never thought i would get a response form someone your age, your advice means a lot.
      thank you,

    • I am on this site primarily to give advice as I do not have children or grandchildren.

      One of the big culprits in relationships is people romanticizing their partner, forming an image that is much better than reality. That creates expectations which the partner cannot meet. Then you break up and you miss the image in your head instead of the real person who you knew. Work on keeping that in check and you will be much happier in relationships.

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