Dating Younger Guys?

I am a junior in high school and am really into this freshman dude. I have not talked to him, but if I pursue him do you think people will think I am a pervert? If something ever did happen between us could I be in trouble legally?


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  • You wouldn't be in trouble legally unless one of you was over 18 and having sexual relations.

    It's no worse than a guy going out with a younger girl of the same age difference.

    As long as he doesn't do anything jerky or repulsive, go for it. Classmates might see a problem with it, but that would only be because they're idiots.

  • There wouldn't be any legal trouble unless one of you is over 18 and if you were having sexual relations. It's basicly the same thing as if a older guy when out with a younger girl. If you really

    like him go for it!

    Also if any school mates give you hell about it then that just means their idiots.


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