Does my boyfriend seem to have a crush on his brother's gf?

So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for about a year and a half. His brother and his girlfriend have been dating for I'd say less than a year. Let's call her Jane.
So my boyfriend is always telling me that no one in his family likes Jane, and that he doesn't really like her either. They don't really know eachother, but he says he doesn't particularly like her either. He says she acts stuck up and that she's crazy. Mostly because of how his brother talks about her.
Jane is super attached to my bf's brother. She always follows him around, sees him everyday and gets mad if he doesn't reply after 5 min. She gets really mad when we all cancel plans for whatever reason and she bitches about it all the time.
So yesterday, I go to my bf's house to wrap his gifts. He got 3 $10 gift cards, one for my sister one for his and one for Jane. His brother also got me something. So for his sister and mine, he's just going to give it to them. But for Jane, he wants to do this big joke and out an empty box in another box in another box etc. and then inside the last box is a note that says to see him for her gift. I thought that was a lot of effort for someone he dislikes. I don't know if I'm overthinking it.
Whenever we go out on double dates, he makes a lot of effort to talk to her and make conversation with her, more so than he does with me.
lastly, I know dreams are just dreams but he just told me he had a weird dream about her. Where her and her boyfriend broke up and so she tried to seduce mine to catch him cheating on me. He told me that it ended with him not doing anything of course, but he could just be saying that. But I also had a dream where We'd all hang out, and then I'd catch him watching her and staring at her and he'd pretend he isn't when it was obvious.
I have nothing against her, I actually like her now that I've gotten to know her which no one really has in his family other than my bf's trying to start a convo.
I feel like he's always talking crap about her, but then is so nice in person and goes out of his way to make small talk with her. How do you guys feel about all this? I know he could be trying to get to know her since it's his brother's girlfriend but if he really didn't t like her no one would think anything if he didn't try to talk to her. When we're on double dates it's for convienience not as a social thing no one really talks to anyone even on triple dates except their bf/gf.


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  • Try not to be paranoid


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