Who is right, my boyfriend or me?

So, my boyfriend and I have been together for about a war and a half and I'm his first serious relationship.
So I know it's weird but I always go to his house or we go out because
1. There's never food at my house
2. My mom is crazy
3. His family always picks me up and drops me off and my family doesn't feel it's ok to do the same for him.
So, I'm always saying how weird it is that we've been together for so long and he's been over less than 5 times and he says it's because I never ask him over.
So, the other day I call him and ask him to come over the next day and he says yeah that sounds good and we get off the phone. I'm up all night finding stuf for us to do/watch and cleaning up the house and I even talked my mom into driving him home after. Everything was ready. So, I'm getting ready the next day and he calls me and tells me his mom wants him to go to the store that morning and I said ok, too soon. He then continues to say that he doesn't really want to come over because there's nothing to do at my house and it'd be different if he had a car so we could go somewhere and that he only has two days off of work and he doesn't really want to spend it doing nothing at my house and he'd rather be at his house.
I'm mad at this point and just say okay. He asks if I'm sad and I say no, because I'm not. I'm mad and hurt. I say I have to go clean and get off the phone. I know he sounds like an ass, generally he's not. But this is pretty fucked up in my opinion. He doesn't text me until later in the day saying "I'll be over in 10" an I ask wtf he's talking about and I apperantly didn't get the text he sent earlier saying he feels bad and is coming at 1. I really am not in the mood to see him after what he said, but he was. Already on the way so I just got changed. He gets there and acts like nothing is wrong, and I just sit there doing the homework for school that I was doing before he came. We made up later but it still makes me mad that


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  • Basically i'd be annoyed because he's pointing out my obvious thoughts about my place being boring however its about the time you spend with each other and you can find things to do. Staying at home isn't meant to be exciting like going out.

    • Exactly. It's not like staying home is every the most exciting thing to do, and I never mind going over to his place to do "boring things" as long as I get to spend time with him.

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  • You sound immature. You wanted him to go to yours, he went for you. Don't be ungrateful and a hold a grudge about it, or he won't do it again.

    • He didn't exactly go for me though. if he had gone for me he would have just come in the first place to hang out with me instead of pretending the night before like he wanted to then saying the next day that he didn't want to. He of course came to see me but only after his mom basically said he'd been fucked up. He's always saying I never invite him over and when I do he doesn't want to. I go over to his place all the time to do "boring things" but I don't care because I get to see him but he'd rather us be at his house, me watching him play games or us watching things on the computer or something. The way I see it is, he wanted to see me: but only if I went over not if he had to come see me.

    • He would not have gone if he didn't care enough to go. If you aren't happy with his behaviour, you can't change it, you can only determine if you accept it or not.

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