What should I do? Hangout? Try for more?

Well My assistant manager and I had been talking for awhile. We decided to hangout. Watch some movie and have some cuddles. This ended up with us sleeping together and me spending the night. He had told me after having sex that he enjoyed spending time together before we had sex. Well he started acting super duper weird afterwards. Avoiding me. Deleting me off of Facebook and etc. I asked him about it and he said he wasn't meaning to get weird. That he wasn't ready for any serious commitment or anything of that such and I understand because I am basically in the same boat here. We haven't talked as much but we maintain a normal friendship at work. He came in the other day with Hickeys on his neck and I was really upset. I haven't mentioned that to him but it was frustrating to see. I do like him and I do think he's a good person and I enjoy his company a ton. We are talking about hanging out again tonight... I'm just curious as to what to say? Or do. Or should I even go there?


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  • Do you want what he wants?
    If you do, then expect nothing more than for him to be intimate with you with no strings attached at all.
    It's clear to see, he's doing with other women.
    He's at the time in his life where he just wants to fuck different women and nothing more.
    If your expectations match his, then continue to proceed on.
    Just expect nothing else for him, he made himself rather clear with his actions.

    If you don't want to feel "used" then stop that type of relationship with him.

  • This relationship will not work out

  • Maybe he doesn't want to hang out maybe he just want to be friends with bebenefits you hang cuddle have sex then next day act like nothing happened until he want to sleep with you again. I say stay away from him if you dont want to get hurt. Sometimes when we like someone we are blinded by the reality.


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