Girls, Do you feel, honestly, that some people, perhaps how they were raised, aren't designed to be in a relationship?

I try to, not just believe, but know that if something is your hearts desire that you do get it. So if I truly desire a wife, then it has to happen right? I know in my heart I was raised a bit with conditional love, however I do love everyone unconditionally. I'm always droping everything for everyone else. I want to be friends with everyone and I'm always trying to please. However, I am 39 and still have never been in a relationship, had a girlfriend, or can even get a girl to go out with me for more than two dates, like clockwork. Online, At school, the workplace, hooked up between friends, Church / Christian gatherings (Which friends have told me because I'm Christian, Christian singles will date u because it's about beliefs) but Nope. They won't even be friend me on Facebook? Do girls just know you like them and become afraid? Side note, even friends I don't make that easily. If this makes sense, it seems the closer I get to someone the less they want to be near me. All I can say, in what I feel about myself, is that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I try to be everyone's friend and want everyone to like me. So how come I can't get a date or a girl to even like me enough, even some girls that have liked to me and pursued me, started to ignore me once I like them, that's not reality. So any insight would be appreciated. I feel like I'm cursed, but I don't think I believe in curses lol. Unfortunately my life isn't the best either. I've recently gone back to school, which I thought could be impressive, in still have my dream of being an entertainer. I'm just lonely and I feel that I'm looking for some female insight. Thank you.


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  • Go to a psychic. I am seriously not kidding

    • What will that do?

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    • How do u find a good one? Honestly do u feel some people aren't meant for someone?

    • I feel like if u want a FREAKING relationship go to a singles event or something! SERIOUSLY! DO. NOT. BE. SAD.

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