Guys, What is the best way to turn down sex without seeming uninterested?

When I'm newly dating and see potential for a relationship, what is the best way to put off sex until I feel ready without coming across as uninterested? I never know what to say if they start getting too 'handsy' when we kiss or suggest we go to the bedroom etc. What is the best thing a girl can do or say in this situation so that you know she wants it to happen one day when you are in a closer relationship?


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  • "i don't feel ready yet"


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  • Saying NO should be your friend and your weapon; you gotta learn how to use it and make guys want you even more that way.

    • But how do you just say no without making them think you don't like them?

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    • @ivaneca That was helpful; she didn't downvote me... you did. I never said to be harsh about it, just basically say NO and make a reason on why you don't want to. It's not very hard to do.. Just say you're not ready yet or something and not close the door completely

    • @Opinion Owner, I didn't say you were harsh, just unhelpful. She asked how to say no without seeming uninterested, all you said was to say no (What she was already thinking and asking how to do properly) and then things unrelated to her question. Stay on topic mate, that's all :) Peace.

  • But you ARE disinterested.


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