Do you have a type?

it's like i don't anyone, thought i'm into whites then i'm not, then i'm into girls of my own race then i'm not, then Asians, then Latinas, Blacks, u name it it's like almost everyrace of girls is getting my attention an sometimes i think well Indian girls then i find them being to easy or sum then i go to White girls then same with them then to Asians, White Latinas, or Brown ones the list goes on. Sometimes i'm even into older women, sometimes i'm into gym girls then church girls I don't know
Do u have a type cuz it seems like i don't


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  • It seems like you're just a confused guy.
    You don't know what you want.

    As you get older (and the loneliness sets in)

    You'll find yourself being less picky with types and you'll settle for someone who is ideal (relationship wise).


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  • I like light skinned guys mostly, my type is mostly really thin nerdy guys with a good sense of humor


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  • I don't have a type either.


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