Is it normal that a guy is withdrawing?


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  • Normal when his feelings have changed

    • he is like off and on. He starts talking but then he leaves the conversation dying and I have tried to keep the convo but I can't be the only one... soo... move on?

    • Yeah its probably time

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  • I need more context.

    • We starting talking about two weeks ago and he was very friendly and the convo was effortless. Las tweek I've been starting conversatiins but it was weird. We have Skype sometimes (he lives in a different city) and past week he told me I want to see you, is it ok if we skype? And then he told me oh no but i have to wake up esrly tomorrow, good night. i found it a bit weird, he was always the enthusiastic one. and this days we haven't been talking maybe a few words, and two days ago he texted me but then it appeared to me that he wasn't very into it

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