Guys why do you purposely argue with a girl? Do you like her?

So there is this guy i rejected a while back and he said he was cool with it and he used to be really nice but now it seems like he purposely argues with me or acts mean with me and I don't get why he is trying to annoy me?


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  • He has no reason to appeal to your emotions unless he wants to be a better platonic friend with you. Most guys I know do not want to be best friends with a girl that rejected them. Guys do not like to be constantly reminded that they were rejected. Your presence alone would remind him of his rejection, so he has no incentive to maximize his presence around you. In fact, he has an incentive to minimize your contact, to protect his emotions.

    • he's the one who keeps talking to me though i don't initiate contact

    • Then it's probably for his own ego. He's trying to prove to himself that he doesn't need you anyways. He needs confidence for the next girl, and it doesn't sound like he has enough of it right now. As a result, the girl that rejected him is the perfect victim of such ego feeding.

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  • U rejected him


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