Just started talking to this girl. Conversation was ok but not great. Don't know how often I should text her, if at all. What should I do?

I just started texting this girl after she liked one of my cheesy "like for a DM" tweets. I told her I thought she was cute and we started talking and it was just small talk trying to get to know her. We texted for a few hours but they weren't very quick replies (20 minutes). I asked her some questions and got some decent answers but I feel like she never really tried to move the conversation along other than just repeating the same question to me. I felt like it was turning into an endless cycle of me asking her a question, her answering and asking that same question to me, so I just stopped texting her. I don't know if she is feeling interrogated or if she likes that I'm asking about her life. Does the "getting to know you" phase of a relationship always have to be this painfully awkward? Should I just abandon any hope of a relationship or should I try texting her again? If I do, how often is it appropriate to text her when we just started talking earlier today? She said she wanted to talk at first but I feel like I'm bothering her.


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  • Then dont clearly you dont want to. dont worry its all good just textes!!!


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