Friend set me up with a girl I'm not even attracted to?

I thought they dropped this idea, but 6 months later I have a date with this girl. Now that I think about it I don't even know what we're doing for a date. I don't care if she sets me up with someone, but shouldn't I be at least a little bit attracted to her? She texts me and says I have a date on such and such day.


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  • Tell them to back off and it would do this girl a d'avoir too

    • Can't I just tell her to find me a different one? I'm really not that picky of a guy, but I just don't see it with this girl.

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    • Ok it's actually a friend of a friend setting me up, but I'm just afraid they will be mad at me and then not help me again. I think it's great they're trying to help me, but I just don't see the point in going out with a girl I'm just not attracted to. I don't even know what her name is!

    • I suppose I could still go, just to see. I have in the past started liking a girl I didn't in the beginning just by her personality and her being a nice person.

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  • Don't go if you're not attracted. I went on a date with this girl today that I wasn't attracted to and it was a complete mess.

    • What went wrong?

    • Sorry I didn't see this until now. She looked a lot prettier online and she was overweight in person to me lol. I immediately wanted to leave, but I'm not that much of an ass.

    • lol. Yeah I always add about 30 pounds to the online pics. I don't know what it is, but girls master the art of making themselves look skinnier in photos.

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